DRAABE 3-in-1 System TrePur

The DRAABE TrePur compact system supplements water purification and a
high-pressure pump with a third function, conductance synthesis: this is used to specially condition the feed water with a maximum output of 80 litres per hour.
By removing all dissolved residual minerals from the water, TrePur ensures that no additional minerals are discharged into the room to be humidified. This enables
the system to meet clean room requirements in sensitive application areas such
as the electronics industry, in museums or in offices. The TrePur
system is compact and built into a portable container that is easily replaced
during servicing in just a few minutes.

TrePur Control

3-in-1 System TrePur

Special TrePur functions:

Patented clean room humidification
Patented DRAABE synthesis ­technology fully extracts all residual minerals from the feed water, thereby ­ensuring that no additional minerals are discharged into the room to be humidified.

Comprehensive hygienic functions
Automatic rinsing cycles and ­UV-C irradiation with ­effect-based monitoring guarantee complete and permanent disinfection of the feed water.

A frequency controller adjusts the pump performance at all times to the level of humidification that is ­actually needed. This saves resources and reduces operating costs.

Benefits at a glance: 

  • Compact, space-saving system
  • Full demineralisation for sensitive applications
  • 100% microbe-free thanks to comprehensive hygiene functions  ܽ
  • Pulsating hydraulic flow for ultrafine pure water fogging
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Full-service approach

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