DRAABE Water treatment

  • For all DRAABE air humidification systems
  • Modular design in portable small containers
  • Full-service package with a 6 months automatic exchange schedule
  • All-inclusive package with updates, lifetime warranty and immediate-service guarantee
  • Humidification capacity per system, max. 300 kg/h
  • Certified according to VDI 6022 Sheet 6

DRAABE compact systems with output of up to 80l/h

DRAABE systems with output of 80l/h or more


DuoPur 2-in-1 compact system

DuoPur combines the pure water system and the high-pressure system into a single, compact unit for rooms with low humidification requirements.

More about DuoPur


PerPur purified water system 

To facilitate uninterrupted, 100% hygienic operation of the DRAABE air humidification, the pure water system produces highly purified water.

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TrePur 3-in-1 compact system

The TrePur supplements the pure water and high-pressure functions with conductance synthesis to meet requirements for 100% dust-free air.

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HighPur high-pressure-system

HighPur generates an operating pressure of more than 75 bar and with it a pulsating water flow that makes micro-fine atomisation possible.

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SynPur conductance synthesis

SynPur completely demineralises the intake water with an optional add-on module for uses with sensitive demands and into dust-free air.

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ML Water treatment

  • For all ML air humidification systems
  • Fixed water treatment 
  • Customised maintenance agreements with on-site service option
  • Humidification capacity per system, max. 750 kg/h



The MLP RO combines water treatment and the high-pressure pump in one frame and is combinable with all ML humidifiers.

More about the MLP RO

This is what you can expect

Absolute hygiene with DRAABE air humidification

  • Absolute hygiene

Flexibility with DRAABE air humidification

  • Flexibility

Energy savings with DRAABE air humidification

  • Saving energy

Sustainability with the DRAABE concept

  • Sustainability