The DRAABE Check-up Service

Humidifiers are often used in difficult environments: Dust, organic contaminations and extraordinary stressors can significantly affect the performance and operational reliability. DRAABE customers can for that reason exchange all humidifiers for new replacement devices, in addition to the semi-annual replacement of the water treatment equipment and high-pressure pumps.

Everything like new again

During the DRAABE Check-up the humidifiers in use, as well as other highly stressed devices and components are all exchanged with completely refurbished systems. The like-new humidifiers work again at full performance and operating reliability and they will have a renewed 2-year warranty. 

What happens during the Check-up service

Videos: Service and Water Treatment Pur

Tips and recommendations: Full-service package

Customer references

Selection of our customers who use our air humidification successfully.

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VDI Certification

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Service Hotline for technical support

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