Full-service package

Any air humidification system is only as safe and hygienic as the maintenance concept that supports it. Our systems for water treatment are built into exchangeable small containers, available for lease to our customers, to make maintenance as simple as possible.

All inclusive

DRAABE customers automatically receive fully serviced and disinfected exchange containers every six months as part of our full-service lease package. All costs for hygiene inspections, disinfections, replacement parts or malfunction incidents are included in the full-service package. In addition, technical innovations and updates will automatically be updated so that each DRAABE system can grow with you and will never get old.

Hygiene and safety

DRAABE customers never need to concern themselves with meeting regulations concerning occupational safety and hygiene: Hygienic measures and inspection intervals required by the VDI are also covered by the DRAABE full-service package and verified by the VDI certificate.

The DRAABE full-service package guarantees 100% operational safety, hygiene and economy. Our customers are invited to sit back and relax, while we take care of all the servicing. 

Customer reviews of the full-service package

Luftbefeuchtung Druckindustrie Full-Service-Wartung

"The DRAABE full-service package guarantees that our processes are running continuously stable and throughout the year."

Jens Masur, Managing Director
Air humidification in the print shop, little maintenance

"DRAABE air humidification increases our production with less maintenance and cleaning effort than other systems."

Albert Tuijtel, Managing Director
Humidifier in the office, as part of our employee responsibility

"The DRAABE full-service package is the best choice for us, because it makes air humidification effortless."    

Ulrike Sailer, Senior Office Manager

Air humidification in the print shop, VDI-certification for occupational safety

Occupational safety is part of our mission statement. The VDI-certification of the DRAABE air humidification was therefore a must for us.

Michael John, Managing Director
Parzeller print & media GmbH & Co. KG

Information about our full-service package

Relax with our full-service package

The semi-annual container exchange guarantees highest levels of hygiene and dependability for all DRAABE systems - No need to worry about a thing! 

What is included with out full-service package?

Information about maintenance without the full-service package

Maintenance without our full-service package

For all systems that are not part of the DRAABE product range, we offer an on-site maintenance option.

What to expect from the on-site maintenance?

Tips and recommendations: Full-service package

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