Air humidification for pharma and medicine

Many processes in the pharmaceutical industry, the medical research and in life sciences require strict control of the optimal humidity. Effectiveness, consistency and hygiene are the key requirements that are only achieved in the most optimal and reproducible production conditions:

Quality assurance

Most drugs are sensitive and react to changes in their moisture content.  For that reason humidity plays a significant role in all manufacturing phases of a drug.  Beginning with the moisture of the raw material, on through to the filling of capsules and finally their packaging and warehousing.   For example, tablet coating with water-soluble solutions have to be applied in room conditions with constant optimum humidity. If the air humidity is too low or too high, the coating may dry too quickly or too slowly and effectiveness may be impaired. Comprehensive quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry is ensured by constant optimum production conditions, which also include added air humidification in many applications.

Filling and electrostatic

Electrostatic charges may be a hindrance during the bottling of finely granulated medications and liquids.  The risk of electrostatic charges increases in the pharmaceutical industry with the lowering of the room's humidity level. Electrostatic attracts the fill medium and leads to undesirable adhesion. Uncontrollable particle adhesion or deflected droplets are the result, which either can hinder or even stop the filling process completely unless there is added air humidification.

Dust attraction

Added air humidification binds dust and reduces dust attraction on all the surfaces. Electrostatic charges that are created by friction during the mixing, filling, pill or capsule forming processes lead to additional dust attraction and thereby to unwanted contaminations during the production of drugs and pharmaceutical products. 

Air humidification for pharma

"The assurance of our air humidification is number one for us."

Walter Kissling, Facility Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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