Air humidification for singers, pipe organs and instruments

The appropriate humidity plays a major role in concert halls for the correct sound of the instruments and performance of the singers. With air humidification the artists and audience have the added pleasure of enjoying the music experience in a pleasant fresh room environment.

Pipe organs

The humidity in the organ chambers has to stay at a constant level for pipe organs in concert halls and churches to prevent the wooden sound boards or sliders from deforming. If the air is too dry the wood will lose moisture and can become deformed. The sliders may become jammed and prevent the pipe organ from playing properly. Should the wooden sound boards change, the air cannot resonate correctly and the pipe organ will get out of tune. With added air humidification the optimum humidity can be maintained at 55% throughout the year, which will bring the organ chamber into moisture equilibrium with the air in the concert hall and church.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments made of wood (such as grand pianos, pianos, violins, guitars) react rather sensitively to their ambient humidity. The wood releases moisture when the room air is too dry and it changes shape and sound. Cracks in the sound board, surface distortion and loosening glue bonds can be the result of air that is too dry.


A singer needs sufficiently high humidity to facilitate the full volume and optimum function of his/her voice. The sensitive mucous membrane of the vocal tract loses its required elasticity when air gets too dry. Swinging of the vocal cords and closing of the vocal folds can be significantly affected without air humidification. Especially in the winter, when many singers suffer from the effects of dry air, up to the complete failure of the voice.

Air humidification concert, church, theatre

"Air humidification ideally supports the wooden soundbox of our instruments"

Werner Michel

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Summary of benefits of DRAABE air humidification for singers, pipe organs and instruments. 

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