Air humidification in the computer centres

High temperatures and air that is too dry can endanger the service life of servers and storage systems. To cool and to protect against electrostatic charges, air humidification systems can increase energy efficiency in the computer centre significantly.

Lower energy costs

Accounting for up to 50% of the total electricity consumption, air conditioning plays a significant role in the operating expenses and energy balance in a computer centre. The use of high-pressure humidifiers offers new energy-efficient options for climate control: High-pressure nozzles spray cold water into   
micro-fine aerosols, with a pressure of up to 85 bars; they are immediately and completely absorbed into the room air. The evaporation cooling created in this way reduces the room temperature, while also ensuring optimum humidity.

Humidification in the server room

For use directly in the server room the equipment best suited are small humidifiers. The water used for humidification is demineralised by a reverse osmosis system. Digital hygrometers control the desired humidity and prevent excessive moisture.

Free cooling with external air

The most efficient kind of cooling outside of the server rooms is the combination with a direct free cooling (outside air). In order to achieve the maximum cooling effect, the outside air is led into "air collection rooms", where it is cooled using high-pressure nozzles. From here, the cold air flows directly into the cold aisles of the server racks.

Benefits of humidification in the computer centre

  • Protection from electrostatics (ESD protection)
  • High energy savings through adiabatic cooling effect (evaporation) 
  • Better server reliability
  • Increases service life of IT devices
  • Added dust suppression
  • Creates a pleasant indoor climate
  • Protects employees health 
Air humidification in the computer centre

The ML Flex system is applied for cooling the server halls and to prevent electrostatics.

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