Air humidification for good wine

Correct humidity has a great impact on wine storage in wooden barrels and on the processes in wine storage and ageing. Optimum ageing conditions for Barrique wines are for instance provided at a constant temperature of 12 °C and a relative humidity of 75 %.

Cracks in the wooden barrel

Wooden barrels put special demands on the humidity in wine cellars. Wood is a hygroscopic material and can therefore dry out without humidification.
Depending on the humidity in the ambient air, the wood will absorb or release moisture. If the humidity of the air is lower than the equilibrium moisture content of the wood (between 40% and 60 %), cracks due to drying and leaks may develop.

Less evaporation

When air in the wine cellar gets too dry the wine can diffuse through the wooden barrels excessively. Barrique barrels are completely filled at the beginning of the fermentation. In the course of the natural maturation process, some of the wine evaporates through the wooden barrels. This necessitates refilling with about 1-2 litres/barrel on a regular basis. All year constant air humidity can reduce this refill amount by up to 50%. Added air humidification can save time and costs during wine storage and ageing. Plus, the quality of the wines will be sustainably at a higher level, as the refill quantities will be lower.

Benefits of air humidification in the storage and ageing of wines:

  • Reduces evaporation in the wooden barrel
  • Lowers the monthly refill amounts
  • Protects from drying cracks
  • Prevents leaks in the wooden barrel
  • Ensures consistent wine quality
  • Prevents corks from leaking and drying out
  • Saves time and lowers costs 
Air humidification and wine

"The quality of the wines in the Barrique is higher because of the DRAABE humidifiers."

Hans Haidle, owner

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Summary of DRAABE air humidification benefits in wine storage and ageing.

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