Air humidification in business and retail sales rooms

Retail sales rooms and businesses are turning ever more theme park like. Added air humidification creates a noticeable value to the indoor climate for customers and employees: More freshness, better health, and for many products a safe protection from the negative effects of dry air.

Protect products

A constant optimum humidity in the sales room plays an important role for all products that are able to absorb or release moisture, to best retain the quality and properties for the customer. For instance, air humidification is recommended for musical instruments, furniture, prints and pictures, high-quality gourmet and food items or also for electronic products (see electrostatic). A direct room air humidification system can be retrofitted easily even in smaller retail sales spaces.


The small electric shock caused by electrostatic charge and discharge is not only unpleasant for customers and employees. Product properties can also be affected by this electrostatic energy: Damages, unintentional clinging and increased dust attraction to surfaces are all possible negative effects in retail sales rooms without an air humidification system.

Feel-good climate

Added air humidification refreshes the air, revitalises and creates a true feel-good climate that is noticeable by customers and stimulates positively. In addition, optimal air humidity protects the employees' health from respiratory illness and dysphonia.

Benefits of air humidification in business and retail sales rooms:

  • Protects the quality and properties of products
  • Lowers the risk of electrostatic charges
  • Suppresses dust and reduces dust attraction
  • Prevents accidental adhesion by electrostatic
  • Refreshes the air
  • Creates a stimulating feel-good climate for customers
  • Protects employee health
Air humidification in retail sales rooms

"DRAABE is great for our guitars and our employees."

Alexander Schell

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Summary of DRAABE air humidification benefits in retail sales rooms.

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