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Our air humidification facilitates greater success for you: Suitable for industrial, commercial and office applications, we have the best custom solutions for the right direct room air humidification.

The unique DRAABE full-service package is our customers' guarantee to an always hygienic and reliable operation with a life-long warranty.

Our direct room humidifiers fit into every building and can also only be used in partial areas or individual floors.

DRAABE systems are tested according to VDI 6022 Sheet 6 and are certified to this state of technology.

Always perfect air humidification

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Creates an indoor climate that promotes good health in the adjoining office and work areas.


Helps reduce risks to health, works to boost productivity and employee motivation.

Open-Space Office

Protects the airways, vocal cords, eyes and skin. Reduces absences due to illness and creates a pleasant and stimulating climate.

Conference Room

Creates a refreshing and stimulating indoor climate, protects the vocal cords and guards against viral infections.

Art Exhibition

Protects valuable exhibits from cracking, fracturing or shrinking and keeps dust levels low.


Creates controlled laboratory conditions, reduces static electricity and effects that are harmful to health.


Secures standardised conditions for production, protects against damage and stops materials drying out.


Reduces static electricity, material deformation, damage, fluctuations in quality and machine stoppages.


Reduces static electricity, helps to cool rooms down and remove dust from the air.

Recycling Depot

Binds dust and microparticles in the air, cools room air, protects the health of employees.

Fits in every building and for every application. Also ideal for retrofitting in existing buildings. You can find out which air humidification system is suitable for you and your building with the help of our product finder.

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