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DRAABE humidification

Our air humidification facilitates greater success for you: Suitable for industrial, commercial and office applications, we have the best custom solutions for the right direct room air humidification.

The unique DRAABE full-service package is our customers' guarantee to an always hygienic and reliable operation with a life-long warranty.

DRAABE systems are tested according to VDI 6022 Sheet 6 and are certified to this state of technology. 

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Our humidification: a system for success - for people, plant and production materials. Watch the video now and learn more about the advantages.

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DRAABE nozzle humidifiers

Always perfect air humidification

No matter if the application is for a production hall, an office building or a laboratory: We have a suitable DRAABE system for any application.

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Service for air humidification and water treatment

Don’t worry about a thing

DRAABE systems do not require any maintenance by the customer. We automatically take care of reliability and hygiene.

DRAABE full-service package

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NEW: Information package

"Air humidification in the Office" + Thermo hygrometer for testing.

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