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There are many ways in which we can protect ourselves against infectious
disease transmission: from good ventilation to maintaining minimum levels
of humidity, filtering, lighting and the right choice of materials.
Find out more - including a risk assessment checklist for your own building.


All the latest research

The best approach to countering the transmission of infection is an integrated approach: this 16-page white paper summarises all of the latest scientific research. Many factors work together to make buildings healthy. This new white paper is designed both as a backgrounder as well as a guide to putting together the right package of measures.



Know the risks

Viral and bacterial transmission in buildings is a quantifiable risk. The white paper introduces the minimum values required—for air quality and humidity, for example—and the resulting actions that need to be taken as part of everyday good practice.




Viral transmission

A number of precautions can be taken to protect against viral spread in buildings. The white paper discusses the various routes of transmission, as well as factors influencing the viability and spread of Covid-19 and influenza infections.



Protecting the immune response

Relative humidity is particularly important for the immune response and protection against pathogenic microbes. The white paper provides a clear and comprehensible overview of the role played by our mucous membranes and the significance of our natural immune system.