We live our vision

"Success with system"

The continually increasing significance of professional air humidification in all sectors and applications of the national and international markets has motivated us to give the people in our company a clear objective.  Our vision is at the core and guides all our strategic and operational business decisions.

This future-oriented foundation for our values is being realised credibly by each Condair Systems employee at their place of employment - towards the inside and to the outside. We are passionate about our responsibilities and thus are successful with our customers, our associates and our company. Now and in the future! 


  • Success is in the air - with our air humidification.


  • Water and air are our daily bread.   


  • Caring is our passion.


  • We always come out on top.

DRAABE humidification increases success

DRAABE assumes responsibility for food, water and air

Passion for DRAABE air humidification

Succeeding with DRAABE on all fronts

We think ahead of the competition in order to deliver what our customers want. 

We are renowned for our expertise across the entire range of air humidification applications. Our unique, customised air humidification systems increase the success of our customers. Measurable cost savings, quality improvements and a healthier, more comfortable work environment are some of the benefits for our customers.

To the customer statements

Air humidification is an art – and it’s what we do best.

And we understand our trade - because we are the experts in the areas of air humidification and water treatment. This means that we can guarantee the hygienic operation and reliability of our air humidification systems for every application. Air and water are our daily bread, and everyone here treats them accordingly: responsibly and with due respect.

Life-sustaining water

We know what to do even before it needs to be done.

We lay the foundation for a lasting partnership with our customers from the very beginning – with expert pre-sale advice and a sales operation totally geared to customer needs. Our unique full-service package, which includes automatic servicing intervals, inspections and regular updates, gives our customers the complete assurance that they are operating hygienic, reliable and state-of-the-art air humidification systems.


Our aim is to establish a technologi-cal lead that sets the standard for our competitors for years to come.

To achieve this aim, we are constantly striving to improve at every level - in the area of air humidification or water treatment. And each of us has our part to play in this. With our global presence, we are there for our customers whenever and wherever they need us – delivering top value for money, individual advice, first-class products and unrivalled service.