Humidity for a better life



To create healthier built environments and increase productivity with the optimal humidity for a better life.



Driven by our customers’ needs and supported by science, we engineer reliable, sustainable solutions.


Our values


We act on our Vision

We act in keeping with our vision, develop rapid solutions for our customers, are proactive in recognizing and developing solutions, and are innovative and flexible.


We are reliable

We keep our promises to our business partners and colleagues, relying on quality and integrity.


We are result-orientated

We deliver optimum results, we are proud to be part of the success of our customers and we concentrate on the essential.


We empower our people

We maintain an open culture, a flat hierarchy and respectful interactions with each other. We place the highest value on the safety of our employees – every day.


We improve human life

We promote health by applying the results of research, we offer sustainable and energy-efficient solutions and we improve the productivity of our customers.

The right humidity makes a decisive contribution in a variety of situations encountered in day-to-day life – in the business environment as well as in private spaces.

The importance of humidity is so significant that many countries have clear directives for the operation and maintenance of humidification systems. The scientifically proven and recommended range of 40 -60% relative humidity protects health and increases the sense of well-being for all of us. These clear limits are often difficult to maintain under day-to-day conditions. This is why we provide a comprehensive range of different humidification and dehumidification systems embodying a variety of technologies — to ensure optimal air humidity in every situation.




Sustainable production and consumption

Energy and resource efficiency from product development to integrated electronic regulations provide optimum control of processes, thus ensuring the most highly energy-efficient and water-saving operation of our solutions. We strive to achieve energy and resource efficiency through the complete product life cycle. From initial product development, through manufacturing, operation and end of life. With our expertise we support our customers in finding solutions to save energy and boost productivity.

We’re helping customers on the way to sustainability

With a holistic approach, we optimize our systems and bring solutions to our customers in the context of the building and the heating/cooling systems to optimize the sustainable use of resources in the application.

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