Air humidification and foods

It is very important for a number of food products to ensure quality and freshness with optimum humidity.  Added air humidification protects from weight reductions during production and storage processes and supports the ripening process in many areas of the food industry.


A temperature of between 2°C and 15°C and a relative humidity of 75% to 95% are ideal for achieving optimum cheese maturity. Depending on the desired level of maturity and the type of cheese, the correct humidity level can affect the flavour and taste of the finished product. Added air humidification also prevents unintended weight reductions in the cheese product, since the constantly humidified air cannot extract any more moisture from the cheese. 

Baked goods

A sufficiently high humidity levels during the baking process promotes fermentation of the yeast dough and prevents a skin from forming on the preformed dough. Adding additional air humidification during the last baking phase will give breads and rolls a nice crispy and shiny crust.

Packaging and electrostatics

Dry air promotes electrostatics, which can significantly disrupt the packaging process of food.  Electrostatic charges can lead to problems during the packaging of powder-based or liquid food items into  bags or foils; these can be resolved by adding air humidification.

Humidification in food production

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Summary of DRAABE air humdidifcation benefits in the food industry.

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Tips and recommendations: Air humidification and foods