Electronics manufacturing and air humidification

Ensuring constant and optimum humidity is one of the most effective ESD protective measures in electronics manufacturing. Added air humidification not only protects the quality of the components and end products, but also has a positive effect on the well-being and health at the work place:

Electrostatics (ESD protection)

A humidity level that is too low increases the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and consequential damage to components and devices. Optimum humidity all year round provides effective protection against ESD. At a relative humidity of 40% – 50%, the conductivity of the air and the material surfaces has increased to the point where the electrical charges can easily be discharged. The reason for the rapid rate of discharge at a high humidity level is that a thin film of moisture forms on the materials, which makes the surface sufficiently conductive to prevent it from accumulating dangerous charges. This is how electronic components and assemblies are protected from semiconductor failures and their after-effects.

Less dust

As electrostatically charged surfaces also attract more dust, a constant, optimum humidity level helps reduces particle deposition considerably. At the same time dust particles are suppressed by the air humidification and will whirl in the air for a much shorter time.

Better working conditions

Humidification in the production areas also improves the working conditions of employees. When the humidity level is ideal and constant, for example, workers do not have to wear wrist grounding cables. This significantly improves their freedom of movement, removing some restrictions in the manufacturing process. Humidification also helps to counteract the typical effects of dry air, such as dry mucous membranes, respiratory illnesses and other ailments. 

Air humidification Electronics industry Electrostatic

“DRAABE air humidification is part of our quality assurance system“

Kurt Feuchtinger (right), Director FM 

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