Air humidification is a success factor in a call centre environment

Optimised humidity in the call centre support employee health and increases productivity. High quality conversation and successful customer dialogues depend on a natural, healthy voice. Supporting air humidification provides the basis for a healthy work environment in the call centre.

Protection against dysphonia

More than 60% of call centre employees suffer from stressed vocal cords. Common symptoms include dryness in the pharynx and larynx, increased throat clearing, hoarseness and in the worst case total loss of voice.  The voice is created in the larynx, where the vocal folds and vocal cords are located, surrounded by a mucous membrane. These sensitive mucous membranes of the human vocal tract need optimum humidity, to allow the voice to function healthy and with a clear and unstrained sound, without dysphonia. If the air is too dry, the vocal folds lose their optimum moisture and thereby elasticity. For certain professions with high talk volume a minimum relative humidity of 40% is recommended.

Dry air is unhealthy

Dry air in a call centre lets viruses live longer and spread faster For instance, the risk of getting infected with the influenza virus in a call centre increases significantly in dry air: Studies have shown that the survival rate of viruses is 3 times longer in dry air. In addition, the self-cleaning function of the respiratory tract mucous membranes is weakened in dry air without added air humidification. The most efficient self-cleaning is achieved at a relative humidity of 45%. At a relative humidity of less than 20% the self-cleaning function of mucous membranes quits completely.

The dry eye

Intensive screen work in the call centre is heavy duty work for the eyes: Swollen eyelids, redness, burning and high light sensitivity disturb concentration, make us tired and lower productivity.  Air humidification protects the tear film in our eyes and counteracts inflammation, infections, irritation and serious eye damage.

Air humidification increased performance in the call centre

"Air humidification in the call centre protects your health and increases employee performance."

Michael Stüve, Managing Director

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Air humidification in the Thomas Cook call centre

"Air humidification is a must, as it protects my employees from dysphonia and dry mucous membranes."

Axel Müller-Uderstadt, 
Customer Service
Air humidification in customer service

"Because of DRAABE air humidification our employees are able to breathe much better and are refreshed."

Dr. Andreas Ost, Chairman of the Board

Air humidification in the call centre Stadtwerke Schwerin

"It goes without saying that we want to create a healthy and productive work environment for our team.“

Heiko Brodehl, Customer Service
Humidification in the office

„Wenn man Verantwortung für Mitarbeiter trägt, darf die Bedeutung der Luftbefeuchtung nicht unterschätzt werden."

Ulrike Sailer, Senior Office Manager

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