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Introduction – Air humidification and health:

Boosting office health and productivity with air humidification

Employees are your most precious asset! A successful business needs a workforce that is not just motivated and efficient but also healthy. And workplace design is now an increasingly important factor for business success: Together with acoustic comfort and the right lighting, an optimum indoor climate is a key factor for office worker performance. 

Air humidification and health at work

Part 1 - Air humidification and health:

Dry air and virus survival

In any enclosed space where a lot of people spend a lot of time together, there’s an increased risk that we will become infected with a cold or flu virus.

The risk of infection from cold and flu viruses is much, much higher in dry office air.


Dry air and virus survival

Part 2 – Air humidification and health :

Dry air and mucous membrane immune response

Humans are not entirely defenseless in the face of attacks from viruses and bacteria in the environment. The mucous membranes in our airways protect us from infection by their self-cleaning mechanisms and their immune response. Relative air humidity is also a factor in the effectiveness of our immune systems, however.

Dry air and mucous membrane immune response

Part 3 - Air humidification and health:

Dry air and the spread of viruses

Depending on their size and weight, aerosols carrying a cargo of viruses and bacteria can persist for hours in room air and spread throughout the building via the air-conditioning system. The risk of infection rises proportionally to the time spent in this environment and is directly influenced by the level of room air humidity.

Dry air and the spread of viruses

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