Air humidification in the automotive industry

Optimum humidity secures standardised processes, high production quality and lower costs in the various areas of the automotive industry as well as for many automotive industry suppliers:


Electronic equipment, PCBs, components and data are all very sensitive to electrostatic discharges.  The electrostatic charge will be higher, the lower the humidity in the room is.  At a humidity of 55%, conductivity of air and material surfaces in the automotive industry are increased to a point where the electrical charges can be discharged easily. Controlled air humidification ensures the quality and protects against belated claims (IBNR) related to sensitive automotive equipment.

Paint lines

A sufficiently high degree of humidity prevents early evaporation of water-soluble paint. Paint colours can therefore be optimally transferred to the vehicle body. Consistently high surface quality with a perfect finish is the result of an optimum humidity of 70%.

Grinding processes

Added air humidification binds dust and reduces the dust attraction on the surfaces. In addition, an optimised humidity level also lowers the risk of dust explosions. In very warm production areas the air humidification cools the ambient air and creates a pleasant and healthy indoor climate for the automotive industry.

Air humidification and automotive

"We are excited about the accuracy of the DRAABE instrumentation and control technology."

J├╝rgen Janda (Mitte), Facility Manager 

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Summary of benefits of DRAABE air humidification in the automotive industry.

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