Always perfect air humidification

Lower energy costs, flexible installation options, comprehensive maintenance concepts and humidifier types designed for a wide range of applications; all these  are the strengths of DRAABE air humidification. The option of easily retrofitting any building and room with a direct room air humidification system is a decisive advantage compared with the indirect humidification offered in air conditioning ducts.

Benefits at a glance:

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Systems engineering

DRAABE TurboFogNeo high-pressure nozzle system

High-pressure nozzle systems

The most energy efficient form of air humidification, operating with ultra-fine atomisation near silence.

Ideal for any industrial or office application.

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DRAABE Pur-Generation water treatment system

Water treatment

Turns any water into purified water! Without germs, bacteria and free from salts and impurities.

Ensures hygiene and reliability for any humidification.

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DRAABE BioSafe compressed air nozzle system

Compressed air nozzle systems

Proven technology for lower requirements in terms of "droplet size" and operating noise.

Ideal for small to mid-sized industrial applications.

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DRAABE HumSpot digital control system

Digital control

Produces the perfect air humidity each time – whether it is for an individual office or an industrial hall!

Controls the entire plant comfortably and user-friendly.

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Defensor PH portable air humidification

Portable humidifiers

Equipment without automatic water supply for rooms with lower humidity needs.

Ideal for creating comfort, as in museums, galleries.

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DRAABE DuoPur complete system

Complete systems

Compact high-pressure air humidification with all-inclusive maintenance package and unlimited warranty.

Ideal for smaller applications (up to 2000 m³).

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This is what you can expect

Absolute hygiene with DRAABE air humidification

  • Absolute hygiene

Flexibility with DRAABE air humidification

  • Flexibility

Energy savings with DRAABE air humidification

  • Saving energy

Sustainability with the DRAABE concept

  • Sustainability