Customer statements about DRAABE air humidification

Air humidification and automotive

"We are excited about the accuracy of the DRAABE instrumentation and control technology."

Jürgen Janda (centre), 
Facility Manager 
Zollner Elekronik AG
Air humidification Printing industry Heidelberg

"We have been relying on DRAABE air humidification for many years now"           

Uwe Galm, Head of Service Operations
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen 
(printing machines)

Air humidification Electronics industry Electrostatic

"Air humidification by DRAABE is a component of our quality assurance.“   

Kurt Feuchtinger (right), Director FM 
Frequentis AG

Humidification in the wood processing industry

 "Optimum humidity with the ML Princess has become essential for us.“   

Maciej Sosinski,

Air humidification and paper

"Our DRAABE high-pressure air humidification investment could be amortised within just a short time."

Stefan Stingl, Head of Building Services
SCA Hygiene Products GmbH

Air humidification for pharma

"The assurance of our air humidification is number one for us."

Walter Kissling, Facility Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Air humidification and packaging

"Without DRAABE our production would never run at the level it is now."                                               

Geert Verstraete (left), founder

Verstraete in mould labels

Humidification in food production

"We are very pleased with the results of DRAABE air humidification."                                                                 

Jean-Pierre Striffeler, 
Head of Production 
Sanaro AG

Air humidification increased performance in the call centre

"Air humidification in the call centre protects your health and increases employee performance."

Michael Stüve, Managing Director
HCD Human CallCenterDesign 

Air humidification concert, church, theatre

"Air humidification ideally supports the wooden soundbox of our instruments"

Werner Michel
Musikhaus Thomann

Air humidification in retail sales rooms

"DRAABE is great for our guitars and our employees."                         

Alexander Schell
Musikhaus Thomann

Air humidification and dust suppression

"With DRAABE we lower dust emissions and protect health."                                

Mustafa Paytoncu, Operations Manager
Remondis SE & Co. KG

Air humidification in museums

"DRAABE air humidification is the optimum solution for our museum."

Sandra Wiedemann
lake Tegernsee

Air humidification for cold store fruits vegetables

"Our goods are fresher and more durable with the DRAABE humidifiers."        

Miriam Züst (rechts), departement head  TopCC AG

Air humidification and wine

"The quality of the wines in the Barrique is higher because of the DRAABE humidifiers."

Hans Haidle, owner
Karl Haidle winery, Germany

Air humidification in daycares

"Our children and my employees are sick less often thanks to the DRAABE air humidification.“

Jeannette van der Burg (right), Director Kindergarten OKIDOKI 

Air humidification in the computer centre

The ML Flex system is applied for cooling the server halls and to prevent electrostatics.                      

Facebook, Luleå (Sweden)

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