Air humidification for better health in the office

More than a third of office worker feel bothered by dry air in the office sometimes or even all of the time. Energy-efficient construction and increasing space optimisation reinforce these complaints.  Supplementing air humidification in the office supports healthy conditions, increases employee performance and can be retrofitted into any office.

Dry air is unhealthy

Dry air in the office lets viruses live longer and spread faster.. For instance, the risk of getting infected with the flu virus in the office increases significantly in dry air: Studies have shown that the survival rate of viruses is 3 times longer in dry air. In addition, the self-cleaning function of the mucous membranes is weakened in dry air without added air humidification. The  

mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (nose, bronchial, lung) cannot remove viruses and bacteria from the body in dry air, or the process is much slower: The most efficient self-cleaning is achieved at a relative humidity of 45%. At a relative humidity of less than 20% the self-cleaning function of mucous membranes quits completely.

Voice and eyes

For the speaking professions and display screen users, dry air is both troublesome and a health risk. Dryness in the throat, hoarseness and a persistent cough are first symptoms of dry air. When the voice finally sounds hoarse or is lost completely, work performance without air humidification is no longer possible.  The sensitive mucous membranes of the human vocal tract needs optimum humidity, to allow the voice to function healthy and with a clear and unstrained sound, without voice disorders. Eyes are also sensitive to low levels of moisture in the air. If the tear fluids evaporate the protective film of tears can tear. The results are irritation of the conjunctiva, burning sensation in the eyes and infections.

Revitalising indoor climate

An added benefit of the direct room air humidification is a pleasant refreshing of the indoor climate. The result is a revitalising micro climate that has a beneficial effect on the entire organism: Stress is removed and well-being increases at the workplace.

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Air humidification in the office by Pioneer

"When you are responsible for the employees, the importance of air humidification must not be underestimated."

Ulrike Sailer, Senior Office Manager

Air humidification in the office by Thomas Cook

"Air humidification is a must, as it protects my employees from dysphonia and dry mucous membranes."

Axel Müller-Uderstadt, 
Customer service
Air humidification in the office by Leoni

"The climate in the office is pleasantly fresh. Our team is much more comfortable as a result of the DRAABE air humidification."

Heike Lovvorn, Assistant VP 

Air humidification in the office by Kaffee Partner

"Because of DRAABE air humidification our employees are able to breathe much better and are refreshed."

Dr. Andreas Ost, Chairman of the Board

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