DRAABE NanoFog air humidification

Applications: Offices, museums, noise-sensitive applications, low production rooms

For all applications where it is important to ensure micro-fine atomisation, low operating noise and an attractive design, NanoFog Evolution and NanoFog Sens are exactly the right system.

The dimensions of the NanoFog atomiser are reduced to a minimum, offering the most discreet and unobtrusive integration into the room's space. Whether for small rooms, low ceilings, low humidity requirements or sensitive production and working spaces – NanoFog Evolution and NanoFog Sens almost invisibly generate the optimum room humidity. 

Video NanoFog Humidification

NanoFog office application

Ideal for office and call center environments

Benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely quite - With a completely new nozzle technology, the noise level is below the recommended maximum for concentrated office work.

  • Nano-fine atomisation - The special nano-nozzles produce a spray pattern that is absorbed invisibly into the room air within just fractions of a second for maximum effectiveness.

  • Absolute hygiene - The unique DRAABE full service maintenance approach guarantees 100% hygiene, excellent reliability and high performance on the part of the NanoFog atomisers.

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    Getting started!

    Tips and recommendations: DRAABE NanoFog air humidification

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    References: Offices, call centres and museums

    Excerpt from the DRAABE customer list with references from the office, call centre and museum areas.

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