Service-Hotline directly connected with the customer service

Do you have a failure of your DRAABE air humidification equipment?Customer service is here to help with the solution and can in case of emergency also be reached outside of normal business hours.

In case of a complete equipment failure, a replacement device can be dispatched from our central warehouse in Frankfurt as late as 8 PM to reach the customer usually by the next morning.

+49 40 / 85 32 77 77

+49 177 / 85 32 77 7

If you prefer to contact us in writing

Send an email directly to our customer service/ technical support department:

Tips and recommendations: Other services offered by DRAABE

Full-service package

The unique exchange of the DRAABE container takes maintenance off of your hands.

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All inclusive: Maintenance details

All DRAABE water treatment and high-pressure pulsation devices are fully serviced every six months.

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DRAABE Check-up service

Pure water atomiser are exchanged, cleaned, wear parts replaced and completely checked out.

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Simply relax with DRAABE systems

Our customers can sit back and relax - we do the rest! What our customers say…

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