All inclusive

The DRAABE full-service package has been built on the modular design concept of all DRAABE systems to ensure the cost-effective as well as professional maintenance and disinfection. The unique container exchange guarantees DRAABE lease agreement customers that their systems will always be in mint condition, equipped with the latest technology and in compliance with VDI guidelines. Each DRAABE water treatment and high-pressure pulsation system is thoroughly checked every six months and fully serviced:

1. Cleaning and disinfection

Hygienic and reliable

Each system is completely disassembled. All components are checked and thoroughly cleaned. Wear parts are replaced. Special rinsing processes clean and disinfect the systems.

2. Special test benches

Always 100% performance

DRAABE technicians adjust and reset the reverse osmosis system and high-pressure pump exactly to the individual customer's performance profile.

3. Atomiser check-up

Life-long guarantee

As part of the DRAABE check-up (optional every other year) the pure water atomisers will also be exchanged, cleaned, wearing parts replaced and all functions checked out. Check-up customers receive a 2-year warranty renewal.

4. Documented hygiene

Everything under control

In the DRAABE laboratory, water samples are tested for total bacterial count and moulds. Only after this test is the maintenance documented in the mandatory maintenance log book – which means that the last maintenance can always be reviewed.

5. Express shipping & service hotline

Immediate service

When maintenance is complete, the systems are packaged securely for transport and shipped to the customer. In the event of a failure, the customer is guaranteed a replacement unit by the next morning.

6. Container-exchange

Don’t worry about a thing...

The used system can be replaced with a fully serviced container with just a few movements. Quick-connect couplers connect the container back into the pipe system. The used system is then returned to DRAABE.

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