Excerpts from our customer list:

Print, paper and packaging

    Air humidification references: Print, paper and packaging

    Offices, call centres and museums

      Air humidification references: Offices, call centres and museums

      Electronics and automotive

        Air humidification references: Electronics and automotive

        Industry in general: e.g. wood, textile, plastic, etc.

          Air humidification references: Industry in general, e.g. wood, textile, plastic, etc.

          Other areas: e.g. cold store, food and beverages, etc.

          • Austria Tabac, Wien, Austria
          • Bacardi GmbH, Buxtehude, Germany
          • Lamb Weston/Meijer V.O.F., Kruiningen, Netherlands
          • Milford Tea GmbH, Buchholz, Germany
          • ...

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            other areas

            Air humidification references: Other areas, e.g. cold store, food and beverages, etc.

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