DRAABE PerPur pure water system

For smooth and 100% hygienic operation of the humidification system, the DRAABE PerPur system produces pure water. Minerals and the finest impurities, bacteria and germs are filtered out and the concentrate is discarded. The DRAABE pure water (Permeat) is almost completely demineralised and made germ-free!

As part of the DRAABE full-service contract each PerPur system is replaced every 6 months with a fully serviced and disinfected container. All costs for hygiene inspections, disinfections, replacement parts or malfunction incidents are included in the full-service package.  In addition, technical innovations and updates will automatically be retrofitted so that each PerPur System can grow with you and will never get old.

PerPur handling

System schematic for water treatment and air humidification

Special PerPur functions:

Optimised water consumption

Up to 80 % of the feed water is used for humidification. Only 20 % is discarded after water treatment, ensuring optimised water consumption and cost-effectiveness.

High performance

Up to three membrane units for filtering the water can be used in the PerPur unit. This guarantees pure water production of up to 300 kg/h.

Automated pure water hygiene

An automatic rinsing function with integrated automatic fresh water prevents contamination of the system and downstream pure water tanks through stagnation. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Full-service package with lifelong warranty, automatic updates and always 100% hygienic and high performance  
  • No deposits in lines and nozzles
  • Maintenance-free for the operator because of the regular container exchange
  • Optimised water consumption and efficiency secured
  • 100% hygienic, because of the automatic flush function and full-service package
  • Certified according to the new VDI guideline 6022 Sheet 6

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Getting started!

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