DRAABE 2-in-1 System DuoPur

The DRAABE DuoPur compact system combines two functions in a single device: the
integrated water purification demineralises the water, removing
contamination, bacteria and microbes. Ensuring trouble-free and 100%
hygienic operation of the humidification system. In addition, the frequency-controlled
high-pressure pump creates an operating pressure of at least 75 bar,
enabling ultrafine and absolutely droplet-free atomisation of the ­pure water. With its compact design, it can achieve a maximum output of 80 litres
per hour. For full-service ­maintenance, ­the DuoPur can be easily replaced in
just a few minutes, with no tools required. 

DuoPur Containertausch

2-in-1 System DuoPur

Special DuoPur functions:

Comprehensive hygienic functions
Automatic rinsing cycles and ­UV-C irradiation with ­effect-based monitoring guarantee ­complete and permanent disinfection of the feed water. 

A frequency controller adjusts the pump performance at all times to the level of humidification that is ­actually needed. This saves resources and reduces operating costs.

Optimised energy conversion efficiency 
For efficient humidification, 80% of the water fed in is discharged into the room air by the pure water fogging unit. 

Benefits at a glance: 

  • Compact, space-saving system
  • No deposits in pipes or nozzlesn
  • 100% microbe-free thanks to comprehensive hygiene functions
  • Pulsating hydraulic flow for ultrafine pure water fogging
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Full-service approach

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