Komplettsystem TrePur

Complete system TrePur

Applications: All rooms with a total size of up to 2,000 cubic meters and stringent requirements for dust-free room air. 

The complete system TrePur is an all-inclusive package consisting of the compact system TrePur, high-pressure humidifiers and digital control units.  

Housed in a portable, small container, the compact system TrePur offers water purification, high-pressure pulsation and conductance synthesis in a single unit with a max. output of 10 kg/h. Optimised energy consumption and maximum health protection are guaranteed with the full-service maintenance model. The 3-in-1 compact TrePur system can supply up to six humidifiers.

As an complete rental package, TrePur is offered with the NanoFog Evolution or NanoFog Sens humidification system and the DRAABE HumSpot digital control unit. The rental price of €359 includes one humidifier and one digital control unit.

All maintenance services, regular updates and a lifetime product warranty are also part of the package.

NanoFog Evolution

Included in the complete system:
One NanoFog humidifier

Video about the complete system

Your peace-of-mind package:

Whether new installation or retrofit: DRAABE compact systems require very little space and are easy to integrate into any building with minimal effort. The only requirements are a mains water connection and drain, a power connection and a single payment for the installation project.

Container replacement

DRAABE DuoPur and DRAABE TrePur are both housed in a portable, compact container. Every 6 to 8 months, you will receive a fully serviced and disinfected replacement unit. Technical improvements will be automatically installed as part of this routine maintenance work.

Unit overhaul

DRAABE NanoFog pure water fogging units are overhauled and replaced every two years. This preventive maintenance includes the disinfection and rinsing of all supply lines. In this way, we guarantee optimal energy consumption and maximum health protection even after many years.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Innovative high-pressure technology, especially for small space humidification at up to 10 l/h
  • Ideal for applications with stringent requirements for 100% dust-free room air
  • Low capital investment and follow-up costs
  • Full-service rental for the complete system
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • State-of-the-art technology

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