Good health in the workplace is one of the most important prerequisites for having motivated and productive staff. Humidity has a major influence on this: air that is too dry and below 40 percent relative humidity is not only perceived as unpleasant, it also makes itself felt in the form of physical discomfort and illness.

Respiratory infections, dry mucous membranes, weakened immune defences, hoarseness or dysphonia and eye complaints are among the consequences of air that is too dry. All too often, the direct correlation here to the indoor climate is not recognised.


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Respiratory tract

Infections of the respiratory tract are transmitted almost exclusively from person to person indoors.





Air that is too dry is uncomfortable and dangerous, especially for jobs that involve a great deal of speaking and screen work.





Intensive screen work is very taxing on the eyes: swollen eyelids, redness and more are often the consequences.





The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and at the same time an important barrier between the environment and the inside of our body.