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    • "Dry Building Syndrom" makey you sick

      The mucous membranes dry out, the eyes burn, the skin tense, the voice fails - the symptoms of the "Dry Building Syndrome" lead increasingly to respiratory diseases in buildings and offices with too dry indoor air.

      • More health and performance

      According to current studies, the lifespan of bacteria and viruses crucially depends on the air humidity. Learn how optimal air humidity reduces the risk of infection and strengthens the immune system of the mucous membranes.

      • Practice checklist for companies

      Is the air humidity right at the workplace? When does action need to be taken? With the help of the practice checklist, preventive measures can also be discussed in a targeted manner.

      Actual Whitepaper "Dry Building Syndrome"

      A 10-page whitepaper
      about air humidity and health.

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        Whitepaper "Dry Building Syndrom" at no charge

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