Office and health

Boosting office health

Together with acoustic and lighting, an optimum indoor climate is a key factor for office worker performance. 

The virus survival

The risk of infection from cold and flu viruses is much, much higher in dry office air.

Mucous membrane immune response

The self-cleaning mechanisms and immune response of mucous membranes protect us from infection.

The spread of viruses

The risk of infection rises proportionally to the time spent in the environment and the spread of viruses in the office.

Industry and Museum


Optimum humidity ensures standardised processes and high quality in the automotive industry.

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Print and Paper

Optimum humidity protects the print shops from electrostatic, paper distortion and added costs. 

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Process water Print

As a factor of production, water affects quality, costs and time both in the
printing process and post-press processes.


Air humidification protects the electronics industry from electrostatic and lowers dust deposits. 

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Wood Industry

The optimum air humidity can protect wood from deformation, cracks and adhesion problems during painting. 

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Textile Production

In the textile industry humidifiers are protection against electrostatic, yarn breakage and tears. 

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Optimum humidity protects cartons, labels and foils from electrostatic and quality problems. 

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Foods, beverage and tobacco

Air humidification supports the maturing process, increases storage-life and the quality of the food. 

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Museums and Galleries

Humidifiers protect wooden, paper and canvas exhibits from damage and help retain their value.

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