Hamburg, February 2015

DRAABE direct-room air humidification

New: NanoFog Sens

Energy-efficient, easy to retrofit and can be used independent of an air-conditioning system: This is the air humidification system NanoFog by DRAABE. The new DRAABE NanoFog Sens has been designed specifically for the sensitive applications in office and work spaces.

This NanoFog Sens innovation, just like its “big brother” Evolution is equipped with high-pressure nozzles and puts out a micro-fine mist directly into the room air. Primarily it has been designed for sensitive applications with low humidity requirements, complex floor plans and high demands for a quiet environment.

Completely redesigned nozzle technology makes it possible to keep the noise levels below the recommended values for high-concentration mental office work. The NanoFog Sens provides optimised air humidity, quietly and even for lower humidity requirements. Burning eyes, problems with voice and frequent colds because of dry mucous membranes, especially in the office, are now a thing of the past. The compact and inconspicuous exterior design of the NanoFog Sens and the NanoFog Evolution make their installation adaptable to any room environment and perfect for office applications. 

The high-pressure humidification system is digitally controlled and is maintenance-free for the user. The DRAABE full-service package replaces the containers and services the entire system semi-annually. It can guarantee hygiene and safety in compliance with the new VDI 6022, Sheet 6. This certified direct room humidification can also be used without an air-conditioning system. In addition, energy costs can be lowered with this highly efficient high-pressure system.

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DRAABE NanoFog air humidification

DRAABE NanoFog Sens humidifier.

DRAABE NanoFog Sens air humidification

NanoFog - Specifically developed for office and workspace applications. 

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Empfehlungen: DRAABE NanoFog Sens und Evolution Luftbefeuchtung

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