Checklist for selecting the right air humidification

System comparison of performance profiles for the various providers

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Manufacturer comparison

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Not all air humidification systems are the same! The performance profiles of the various providers are quite different. But there are many criteria that are important for the hygienic, maintenance-friendly and economical operation of air humidification systems. Some of the most important topics are maintenance, systems engineering, hygiene and certificates.



Systems engineering


Tips and recommendations: Finding the right air humidification

Online Product Finder

Here is your interactive selection of suitable humidifier systems for your application.

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From challenge to custom solution

DRAABE offers its customers holistic custom solutions for their respective application.

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Humidification for all applications

DRAABE offers individual solutions for all applications - independent of an air-conditioning system.

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Simply relax with DRAABE systems

Our customers can sit back and relax - we do the rest! What our customers say…

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