Focused moisture management as a benefit of direct room air humidification in industry

Cooling effect of direct air humidification, especially in office spaces and call centres.

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Benefits of direct air humidification

Inadequate maintenance of full air-conditioning equipment and the hygiene problems in the buildings associated with it have to some extent given the field of air humidification a bad name. But this overlooks the fact that an alternative method of humidification has long proven itself, especially in industrial applications: direct room air humidification. This makes it possible for any building, office buildings as well, to be equipped with professional air humidification - whether installed directly during construction or retrofitted in existing buildings is irrelevant.

The direct alternative

The simple and flexible installation of DRAABE direct room humidification makes these systems particularly attractive for retrofitting. Direct room humidification offers an ideal and economical solution for buildings without a central ventilation system, or for buildings where humidification using ventilation and an air-conditioning system is not feasible because humidification distances may be too short or the costs too high. With an energy consumption of only 0.7 kW, high-pressure nozzle systems also generate very low energy costs compared to other central humidification technologies.

The complete absorption of the micro-fine, atomised water droplets in the air also causes heat to be drawn from the room. A positive side effect, as many modern office buildings today suffer from excessive heat loads. This adiabatic cooling effect can positively support the use of an air-conditioning system. For each kilogram of water that evaporates per hour in the air as a result of nozzle humidification, a cooling capacity of 640 W can be achieved.

Comparison of the fundamental principles

Combining makes sense

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the general question of whether the required humidity level can be better provided indirectly through the ventilation and air-conditioning system or through a direct room air humidification system. Depending on the local conditions and the requirements of building users, a combination of indirect and direct humidification may also make sense: with the indirect humidification system providing basic humidification, and direct air humidification providing additional spot humidification in defined areas.

The advantage of direct room air humidification is basically in its targeted and effective management of moisture, which allows rooms used for different purposes to be humidified individually and as required. This "spot humidification" approach is particularly economically advantageous for builders when only some areas, such as specific floors, departments or work areas require humidification. But there are additional advantages to direct air humidification.

Benefits of direct air humidification

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