Defensor PH15

Defensor PH15

portable air purifier and humidifier

Application: For rooms up to a maximum of 580 cubic meters and a humidifier output of up to 1.7 l/h and a tank size of 20 liters.

The Defensor PH15 delivers a maximum of 1.7 l/h of humidification for a room, but only uses 72 W of electricity. Ideal for offices, museums and galleries no larger than 580 m².

The Defensor PH15 serves as a humidifier and air purifier, it removes contaminants from the air and is available with different filters for summer and winter.

The operation of the PH15 can be ensured without any effort: you can simply roll the 20 liter tanker to the water extraction point.

The Defensor PH15 can also be ordered with a direct water connection (PH15A).

The system has digital operation, a humidity controller, timer and a key lock. A wireless humidity controller is available as an option.

PH15 operation

Easy to use

PH15 application

Humidification in the museum/gallery

Features and Benefits:

  • Refilling water made easy 

    the water tank can be conveniently rolled up to the tap or connected directly to the water network

  • Economical in consumption - The integrated time control ensures energy-efficient and economical operation

  • Hygienic and fresh - A silver ionizing rod sterilizes the evaporation water and ensures hygienic humidification

  • Wireless device connection - coordination of multiple devices in large rooms using radio sensors

  • For winter and summer - In summer, you can easily convert it from a humidifier to an air purifier by replacing the filter

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