The Brune B280

portable humidifier

Application: For rooms up to a maximum of 500 cubic meters and a humidifier output of up to 1.2 l/h with a tank size of 25 liters.

The B280 has an internal humidity sensor that always determines the current humidity values, which are then shown in the display with exact percentage. After setting the desired target moisture value, the device automatically takes over control and ensures that the desired value is achieved. If particularly precise humidity measurements are required, the B280 is optionally available with a wireless hygrostat that can be placed anywhere in the room.

The ion concentration and the ratio between positively and negatively charged ions in the room air are also crucial for air quality. By means of the ionization of the B280, the quality of the air and thus your well-being can be increased. Since dust particles in the air attach to the ions, the air is additionally cleaned.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mobile thanks to swivel castors
  • Electronic control
  • Ready for operation without installation - can be used stationary or mobile
  • Clear control panel with water level displays, the fan levels, the ionization operation and the actual and target humidity in 1% increments 
  • Variable air outlets on the top 
  • Low power consumption 
  • High safety thanks to 24-volt DC operation
  • Quiet operation 32 - 44 dB (depending on fan level) 
  • Air purification through separate pre-filter and ionization
  • 8-speed fan with additional automatic function
  • High evaporation performance thanks to large filter surface
  • Suitable for tap water and treated water
  • Precipitation-free humidification without limescale deposits in the room

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