NEW: Der Brune B260

portable humidifier

Application: For rooms up to a maximum of 400 cubic meters and a humidifier output of up to 1.0 l/h with a tank size of 25 liters.

Whether in offices, exhibition rooms, archives or a museum, the Brune B260 adapts perfectly to the room situation. With its modern yet unobtrusive appearance, you can easily use the mobile humidifier in a wide variety of situations.

It is extremely powerful with its humidification output of up to 1.0 liters per hour and can therefore be used in rooms of up to 400 cubic meters. By using professional control and high-quality components, even demanding requirements can be met.

Of course, this includes level monitoring of the water tank with automatic switch-off. In addition, the B260 enables extremely precise operation of the humidifier due to the use of a high-quality humidity sensor and the precise percentage setting of the desired target humidity.

A radio moisture measurement system is available as a further option, which can further increase the measurement accuracy, as the measurement is carried out remotely from the device and is therefore not influenced by the function of the humidifier itself.

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable thanks to swivel castors 
  • Ready to use without installation 
  • Using regular tap water 
  • No limescale deposits on furnishings
  • Low noise thanks to the automatic step fan
  • High evaporation performance 
  • Environmentally friendly bio filter
  • Filter change and water level indicator 
  • 25 liter water supply 
  • High measurement accuracy through radio measurement 
  • Economical operation 
  • Direct water connection (optional)

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