DRAABE TurboFogNeo 8 humidifiers

Applications: For ceiling mounting in production and fabrication areas.

The powerful DRAABE TurboFogNeo 8 air humidification system has been designed especially for high production and warehousing halls. The high performance of up to 32 kg of water per device and hour make the system an affordable choice with efficient operation. A high-pressure pulsation system generates the required operating pressure of 85 bar. The humidifiers are mounted on the ceiling and connected with the high-pressure station by means of flexible high-pressure hoses. 

TurboFogNeo 8 power system

TurboFogNeo 8 power system

Video TurboFogNeo humidifier

Benefits at a glance:

  • Energy efficient high-pressure nozzle system - By using frequency-controlled high-pressure pulsation, the appropriate amount of  pressure is generated for the actual output level configuration. This saves additional money and energy.

  • Precision in humidification - A digital control system guarantees consistently precise activation of the air humidification. High-performance radial ventilators allow the aerosols to be distributed quickly into the air.

  • Certified hygiene - The system fulfils all the requirements of the Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung (German Social Accident Insurance) and has been awarded the international “Optimized Air Humidification” certificate. This is a prerequisite for a successful VDI certification of the DRAABE systems according to the new VDI guideline 6022 sheet 6. 

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