JetSpray Compact low capacity air & water spray humidifier

Applcation: Production halls and storage rooms

The JetSpray Compact is an easy-to install, direct room humidifier for areas that need up to 30kg/h. As it is preassembled, it does not require installation of additional nozzles or associated pipework.

Operation with compressed air gives very reliable performance, in dusty industrial environments, without any risk of drips. This makes the JetSpray Compact ideal for use in sectors such as textile, tea, food, tobacco and printing.


In use in textile production


Flexible application possibilities

Features and benefits

  • Useable without special water treatment - In many cases, the JetSpray system can be operated with normal tap water.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle - To counteract deposits at nozzle exit, the JetSpray precision nozzle cleans automatically.
  • Low-maintenance operation - Reliable controls and proven technology ensure long-term, low-maintenance operation.
  • System variants - Eight individually adapted model variants are available for different room sizes and humidification requirements.

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