DRAABE MyFog air humidification

DRAABE MyFog air humidification

Application: e.g. dust suppression, odour containment, cooling

MyFog's unique properties make it ideal for all applications whose decisive factors include a high level of humidification, flexible mounting options, simple installation and low running costs. The nozzles are fixed on flexible high-pressure hoses that can be attached e.g. to pipes, cable trays or pre-assembled wall profiles.

MyFog high-pressure pump - With a working pressure of 80 bar, the high-performance pump powers the superfine spray from the MyFog nozzles. The innovative features of the MyFog high-pressure pump make the system especially economical and user-friendly. 

MyFog-nozzle strands

MyFog nozzle in operation 

MyFog in action

High performance - low price

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy installation - Versatile nozzle assemblies adapt to local conditions without requiring major installation efforts.

  • Flexible positioning - A movable nozzle pivot system angles the nozzle in the direction needed. 

  • Precise control - A digital control system guarantees precise activation of the humidification unit when readings fall below the setpoint. 

  • High performance, low cost - The powerful high-pressure pump delivers especially economical, low-maintenance air humidification. 

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