JetSpray humidifier

JetSpray air humidification

Applications: Production and warehouse areas

The JetSpray compressed air nozzle system is characterised by ease of use, flexible application options and the self-cleaning JetSpray precision nozzle. Mature, robust technology guarantees a reliable and low-maintenance operation.

Two different models are available, differentiated by the capacity of the JetSpray control console. The JS60 with a maximum capacity of 60 l/h and the JS600 with a maximum capacity of 600 l/h. In addition, the JS600 model is also available with a multi-functional display.   

JetSpray precision nozzle

JetSpray precision nozzle

JetSpray applications

Flexible application options

Benefits at a glance

  • Without special water treatment -The JetSpray system can in many cases be operated with just normal tap water.

  • Self-cleaning nozzle - The JetSpray precision nozzle self-cleans automatically to counteract deposits at the nozzle outlet.

  • Low-maintenance operation - Reliable controls and technology that has proven itself over many years guarantee its dependable, low-maintenance operation.

  • System variants - Three different customised model variants are available for the various room sizes and humidification requirements. 

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