Defensor PH15/PH28

Defensor PH15 und PH28

Applications:  Museums, galleries and living areas with only low humidity requirements.

The Defensor PH15 and PH28 work according to the evaporator principle. A water saturated evaporator mat humidifies the air economically and with minimal energy consumption. In addition to their air humidification function, these two devices have also been designed as air purifiers (e.g. dust, pollen, odours). The PH15 and PH28 models differ in the size of their water tanks, the maximum size of the rooms they are to humidify and their standard technical equipment. 

PH28 operation

Easy to use

PH15 application

Air humidification in museum/ gallery 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Water refills made easy 


    The water tank can easily be rolled to the water tap or attached directly to the water system    

  • Economical operation - The integrated time controls ensure the energy-efficient and economical operation

  • Hygienic and fresh - A silver ionising rod sterilises the evaporation water and facilitates hygienic and flawless humidification

  • Wireless device connections Coordination of multiple devices in large rooms via radio sensors

  • For winter or summer - Convert from humidifier to air cleaner in the summer by simply switching the filter

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